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Pediatric Concussion Center

About Us

Since 2011, the physicians at the Concussion Center have been involved in both managing pediatric concussion and conducting clinical research in the field of pediatric concussions. We have published 3 peer-reviewed papers on the subject and have the largest number of concussion patients studies in a primary care setting. Two studies have been published in the Journal of Child Neurology and one, an editorial on the management of pediatric concussion, was published in the journal Health and Primary Care. In addition, Dr.Taubman is on the editorial board of the journal Sports Medicine and Research. We are also accredited as Impact Test Consultants. 
We believe all of the above gives us expertise in all aspects of diagnosing and managing pediatric pediatric concussions including:

*Diagnosing concussion with the use of up to date examination techniques and neuro-cognitive testing. These include detailed postural stability testing and looking for subtle ocular abnormalities. 

*Managing recovery from concussions using techniques evaluated in our research. 

*Deciding when, and if, a patient can return to contact sports.